I’m  Barry Brimer

Art direction | Design | Production

Art direction

In my 18 years in the industry, I have worked at agencies, studios, as a freelancer, and as a business owner. I have walked in many different shoes, worn many different hats, and learned much about people, management and myself. My passion is visual communication. I love telling the story, presenting a message through design that has immediate impact and a strong call to action.

I am a creative director and designer with a branding, direct marketing and digital marketing background. I have experience in advertising design, direct mail, web design and art production. Working with a team or directly with the client, my goal is to execute the highest quality work, quickly, and on budget.

Print and digital production
wordpress with elementor
microsoft office

Effective writing and verbal communication • Problem-solving • Creative direction • Typography • Color theory • Able to quickly learn new software and methodologies • Time management